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    Lloyd Field

    PhD; SPHR [USA], Fellow CIPD [UK]

    Lloyd, a former management consultant, executive coach, facilitator, speaker, and author who spent 30+ years working with business leaders in North America and throughout Europe. Lloyd has a PhD in Human Resources, and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in the U.K. (FCIPD); recently retired from the U.S. Society for Human Resource Management (SPHR).


    Prior to 1975, Lloyd held two significant corporate positions

    • Johnson & Johnson International, Toronto, as Vice-President of Human Resources and as a member of the Ortho Pharmaceuticals (Canada) Board of Directors, and as
    • First National Personnel Director for Capitol Records/EMI (Canada) Ltd. and the newly branded Capitol Record Club, Toronto.

    In 1975, Lloyd created and led Performance House Ltd. The mission was to assist clients to remain union-free through the application of Positive Employee Relations™. By creating holistic values-based Leadership Programs that supported organizational cultures where employees saw that it was in their own best interests to remain non-unionized, the need had been eliminated. No client ever lost to a union campaign or organizing drives…if they followed his values-based Positive Employee Relations recommendations.


    As a management consultant, Lloyd was challenged by some of the best leadership minds. With unflinching principals he tactfully stood his ground, routinely convincing these same leaders to develop leadership and employee strategies and tactics that placed their organizations outside the overtures made by trade unions. The beauty of Positive Employee Relations is that it not only removes the obstacle to employee dissatisfaction and pro-union sentiments, it also establishes the foundation for value-based employee engagement.


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