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    Looking back, I’ve been very fortunate in my career in Human Resources. First, was creating the first Personnel Department for Capitol Records/EMI; then corporate Vice President Human Resources [including Board member] with Johnson & Johnson International. Next, I was offered a promotion to J&J Corporate in the U.S. I just could not think of moving to the U.S.! Too Canadian, I guess!


    In 1975, with the start of Performance House, my career in consulting became a reality. It was a challenge, as an entrepreneur, when Personnel/HR was not something most clients thought about or planned for in their forecasts. Clients were throughout Canada and the U.S. and from Amsterdam and London to Singapore. Many were Fortune 500 companies and more were smaller organizations. I had the opportunity to advocate for Positive Employee Relations™ and I know that many clients and many more employees are happier for my efforts. My career and the books and articles I’ve written were a joy.


    Personally, my marriage is almost 60 years old, our son is a University Professor and our daughter is always remembered. I will leave the joy of our granddaughter - Alice - for another time.


    My ‘bucket list’ continues to grow, even in retirement. This is one of the more important items....offering free downloads of all my books and articles. I hope you will find some value in the thoughts I’ve put on paper. Let me know; many thanks to all.


    Compassion is never optional


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