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    Lloyd Field - PhD; SPHR [USA], Fellow CIPD [UK]

    Lloyd Field

    As an international management consultant for the past 30 years, Dr. Lloyd Field has been challenged by some of the best leadership minds in the business community.

    With a rational understanding and values-based principals, he tactfully stands his ground, routinely convincing these same leaders to develop Positive Employee Relations™ strategies that have placed their organizations outside the need for a trade union. His union avoidance track record is also very impressive - on behalf of clients - he has NEVER lost to a union organizing campaign when his recommendations were followed. In all this time only two clients have not followed his advice ... they were unionized within 3 months.

    Lloyd’s method creates organizational cultures so that employees, at all levels, develop "self-respect through self-responsibility”. This sea change has consistently brought untold rewards to the leaders who support their employees in reaching their potential in both performance and innovation. Whether you are a CEO, a senior HR leader or Director of Manufacturing, Lloyd – with a genuine interest in people and profits – will explain why you NEVER have to be unionized. Not surprisingly, the international business community continues to seek out his counsel when it comes to respectful leadership cultures and remaining
    union free.

    When asked if he is anti-union, Lloyd’s response is “absolutely not! However, no company needs the added burden ofunion bureaucracy. If employees are treated as legitimate stakeholders, their needs will be met through Positive Employee Relations™ and engagement with their work."

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