Executive coaching


Assisting leaders at all levels to better understand and improve their effectiveness with customers, managers, peers, and employees. It's all about building meaningful relationships! Turning engaged employees into committed followers.

Management consulting


We help organizations develop Positive Employee Relations™ while achieving high levels of employees satisfaction, engagement and commitment. Our Positive Employee Relations™ covers Organization Development, HR, and Training.

Executive Recruiting


From initial search strategy to successful appointment, we deliver tangible results. With over 30 years experience, our transparent approach to recruiting and business relationships explains why clients choose to work with us.



PERFORMANCE HOUSE INTERNATIONAL has been associated with assessment tools since the day we opened our doors in 1975. Assessments help provide targeted solutions for recruiting, sales, leadership, and teams.




Union Avoidance Consulting
Training and Development
Management Consulting - Communication

  • "Dr. Field persuaded us to dig deep and answer some tough questions. The results of this very necessary organizational assessment resulted in a greater fiscal commitment from our Board and staff to meet the challenges of the current economic downturn. I would not hesitate to recommend Lloyd to other not-for-profit community-building organizations that are interested in seizing opportunities to increase their capacity to make a difference."
    - Chair, Board of Directors & Executive Director Arts & Literacy organization New England, USA
  • “There are all kinds of people who will coach you and encourage you in your career. Lloyd is one of the few that recognizes the seamless interconnection of the professional, personal and spiritual you and wisely cautions you to consider the ramifications of only paying attention to one at the exclusion of, and often at the expense of, the others. When Lloyd speaks, I listen.”
    - In-House Organization Developer Advanced Manufacturing, Washington State, USA
  • “I can think of no better person to act as a confidante and mentor to senior leaders, who often find themselves confronting difficult organizational problems that require clear thinking, strong action, and a value based compass. 

    “As an executive coach, Lloyd is a person of extreme integrity and believes that managing in an ethical and value based manner is not only the right thing to do, but is also good business that brings results. He has the ability to help an executive effectively work through strategic issues, making the organization stronger and helping the leader to develop the capacity for the future.”
    - President Financial Services Ontario, Canada
  • “I was stunned and found it uncanny how Lloyd so accurately and compellingly put his finger on the pulse of our company and so succinctly identified the irregularities. His methodology and direct access and communication with the individual ‘heartbeats’ gave unquestionable validity to his conclusions.”
    - Vice President Sales Pharmaceutical Industry New Jersey, USA
  • “Lloyd’s warmth and approachability enables him to explore and understand what makes people ‘tick’ thus providing an accurate profile which has proven invaluable when screening for high level and/or leadership positions. 

    “What makes Lloyd so unique? The answer – the time he invests up-front in building a trusting relationship with those he works with and his ability to learn and understand the vision and values of the organization and its people. This guarantees that the systems and strategies he recommends can not only be easily integrated into the culture but that they also work in tandem with the organization’s leadership philosophy.”
    - Vice President, Human Resources International Food Retailer British Columbia, Canada