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Today’s leaders realize their employees are their priority resource and greatest asset. Engaged employees are problem-solvers and decision-makers who are eager to be part of a successful team.  A vigorous and committed workforce is built by winning leaders who tap into this potential every day.
Customized training is tailored to meet your organization’s needs, values, industry and marketplace. 
  • You influence the training content
  • You control the schedule and location – on-site or off-site
  • You boost your leaders’ morale by taking an active interest in their professional development, and
  • Participants learn new skills and behaviors that are more effectively reinforced because they relate specifically to their workplace

Developing Strong Leaders

When it comes to successfully implementing a Positive Employee Relations program, there is no position of greater importance than that of your front-lines supervisors and managers. They are the FACE of Positive Employee Relations!™
Supervisory training and management development programs create unique challenges relating to course design and delivery. Delivery can be either on-site as Workshops, Digital or computer-based learning or one-on-one coaching. The ‘one size fits all’ approach just does not work - it is not connected to your business reality or the organization’s culture. People think and learn in different ways and at varying comprehension levels. 

Compounding this is the tremendous acceleration in the rate of business change, not just in the area of technology, but particularly in the area of changing expectations in the marketplace and in the workplace.

Engaging Employees for Successful Outcomes

Increasingly we find that employees expect their managers and leaders to be concerned about their particular personal growth, development and wellness.

We cannot expect leadership to bear the whole burden of managing and addressing employee expectations. We have to give employees the tools to manage themselves change and enhance their own contribution to the organization.

Learning Outcomes Driven by your Needs - How we Make that Happen!

  • Assess your specific training needs, conduct learning/development programs and determine post-training effectiveness. 
  • Provide on-going coaching support to increase adoption and effectiveness of new learnings. 
  • Design and deliver a full range of on-site or digital learning programs for leaders and employees to enhance their skills in communication, problem solving, change management, and motivation.
  • Provide Train-the-Trainer programs so that organizations may bring training in-house. 

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