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Coaching for Improved Communication!


Various departments continually looked inwards [a silo affect], and communication/information was not flowing from area to area thus having a negative effect on the residents. Also, the CEO believed that a clique of mid-level-managers where support this behavior.


Conducted separate Focus Groups with various groups of employees, supervisors and managers to garner their opinions about the strengths and weakness of the Home. Particular attention was paid to problem-solving, recognition, communications and perceived competency levels of next-level managers. 

Based on Focus Group results recommended to the CEO that she adopt a traditional approach to resolving the ‘solo affect’. First, conducted communication workshops with the senior leadership team. Second, had Communication Assessments completed by all leaders. [Assessment scores became baseline for future Assessments.] Provided individual and group feedback sessions on results of their Assessments. This is where the ‘silo affect’ became clear to all. Third, requested that individual Action Plans and team Action Plans be completed. This process was repeated at all level of management. CEO provided a Report to all managers. Next Assessments were scheduled for 6 months later; to be compared to results of Action Plans and with initial baseline.


By this point, a 6 and 12 month review of Assessment results have taken place. The results show that the ‘silo affect’ is now known by all and understood for its negative consequences. Four mid-level managers have asked for and are receiving individualized, short-term coaching. The CEO has met twice with the Residence Committee and their feedback indicates they see an improvement in communication with staff and an increasing effectiveness of how things are done.

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