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Union avoidance management consultingAchieving and maintaining high employee satisfaction, engagement and commitment does not happen by chance. It is the primary outcome of a customized Positive Employee Relations™ program that has been strategically implemented so that all relationships, especially employee relationships, are considered a #1 priority by all leaders.

The pursuit of excellence requires clarity of culture and objectives, focused leadership, personal accountability, and competency-driven teamwork. This creates a supportive and enlightened environment where hindrances such as resistance to change, hoarding of scarce resources, ‘power plays,’ and silos have no opportunity to take root. We enable organizations to utilize their human resources to their fullest potential.

Performance House has more on-site Positive Employee Relations™ experience than other consulting firms. With over 40 years experience, Performance House has an enviable success record of assisting clients to build engaged workforces and where utilized - maintain their union free status!

"No client who has implemented his recommendations has ever been unionized."

The emphasis must be on building positive, dynamic relationships between employees and leaders. In this specialized area, Performance House works exclusively with clients committed to achieving Employer of Choice status. Collaboratively we develop a consulting partnership that allows the art and science to come together into one beautiful picture that positively and measurably protects the client’s mission, vision and values.

The following services are part of building Positive Employee Relations™:

  • Clarify organizational Vision, Mission, Values and Guiding behaviors within the context of marketplace realities. 
  • Develop approaches to managing change and accelerating the transition. 
  • Implementing mentoring and coaching programs for leadership development 
  • Design performance management systems (assessments of competencies, performance feedback, development and succession planning).
  • Focus Groups and Employee Opinion Surveys to determine the nature of employee attitudes, including their perception of your organization’s leadership practices.
  • Positive Employee Relations! Audits to comprehensively diagnose potential employee/leadership dissatisfaction issues.
  • Human Resource policies and practices designed to achieve optimal employee-employer relations.
  • Learning materials include the 5th Edition, North American version of Unions Are Not Inevitable!© A Guide to Positive Employee Relations™; customized on-site workshops; and webinars.
  • Strategic and tactical advice to remain union free.


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