Executive Recruiting

The Who has the ability to manage and direct all aspects of leadership, especially strategic thinking. The What is process and the When is either strategic or tactical. Add to this a national and/or international perspective and the position’s complexity takes shape.
The Ideal Candidate
We work with you to develop a detailed profile of your ideal candidate and help you rethink the basic concepts of an ‘ideal candidate.’ Ideal frequently means the application of today’s competencies and the resulting performance accomplishments, but it must also include tomorrow’s ‘potential.’ Arguably you do not want someone on their organization chart who will ‘block’ the progress of others.
A critical first step is a one-on-one discussion with you, and/or a discussion with a broader number of your senior staff. Why? This leadership position will become an integral part of that senior team. At the end of this discussion, we will ask all the team members (including you) to complete a 15 minute Assessment. Yes, in just 15 minutes, you/or your group will develop a tailored behavioral Job Benchmark Survey. Also, the Survey will accomplish buy-in by other members of the senior team.
The Process 

With the ‘ideal candidate’ well defined, our next steps are to: 
  • Examine candidates who appear to be a potential match. 
  • Analyze critical incidents in their careers which demonstrate how they might navigate the challenges they would face in their leadership role in your organization. 
  • Conduct behaviorally-based interviews, going far beyond the customary track record check and references. 
  • Methodically surface the candidate’s full range of capabilities, personal tendencies and behavioral characteristics. 
  • Gain insights into their readiness to perform in the leadership role, and assess how smoothly they would integrate into your organization and culture. 

We will ask the final candidates [the initial short list] to complete an Executive Leadership Assessment [approx. 50 minutes] to self-identify their own capabilities, competencies, aspirations, etc. This Assessment is then matched with the original 'ideal candidate’ assessment - the Job Benchmark Survey. 

We have, by this time, developed trust-base relationships with the final candidates, gaining a close understanding of their requirements and concerns. Where the in-depth interview and the Assessment are congruent, we will prepare a profile for each of the candidates and review them with you. 

Should you wish, we will review interviewing highlights with you and outline a number of key questions to prompt your discussion with final candidates. 

The final steps
Once you have determined a final candidate [but before your decision is announced], we recommend that you, the candidate’s manager, and the candidate’s peers determine the nature of your future relationships, as seen from each other’s perspective. 

To accomplish this we use an Assessment - The Managerial Fit Survey describes the relationship between the final candidate and his/her manager. We then proceed to the Team Analysis Survey that will describe the relationships within the Team and their relationship to the candidate. Once the results have been compiled, we will review the data with you and demonstrate the harmonious [and less harmonious] working factors which you and the final candidate share. The outcome will be a confirmation that you have selected the correct candidate. You will also learn critical points to ensure that relationships with the Leadership Team are built on a solid base. 

Our value added does not end with a successful hire. For the newly appointed senior manager/executive, the first few weeks in the role are critical. They must quickly understand your organization’s culture, set the right priorities, and establish personal credibility with colleagues and stakeholders. 

We start supporting your manager/executive well before ‘Day One’ in his/her new role – ideally, as soon as the hire decision is made. Working in collaboration with the hiring manager and the HR Director, we help your new executive to: 

  • Understand the upcoming integration challenge, 
  • Make the criteria to successful leadership clear, 
  • Craft a plan to be operational ‘Day One’. 

We also work with the leadership team to cultivate interpersonal trust and open dialogue with the new manager/executive.

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