Executive Coaching

Do you need to...

  • Resolve leaders' management problems?
  • Lead a group of managers who have not experienced the concept of working as a team?
  • Accelerate the professional development of high-potential leaders?
  • Support teams and individuals through the effective implementation of organizational change?
  • Empower senior managers who are engaged in a wider professional effectiveness program, such as a 360-degree feedback process?
  • Engage in sensitive and constructive feedback or use an independent sounding board for senior leaders...maybe even yourself?
If so, then you recognize that relationships are the key to thriving, growing, and creative performance. Lloyd is a one-on-one executive coach who understands the importance of internal and external relationships that are based on values-centered leadership.  

Re-thinking Business Success

Executive CoachingNot too long ago, success was simply another term for annual bottom line profitability. But successful leadership has always been a complex blend of education, experience, intuition, and business technology. Intertwined with these is a leader’s ability to maintain a sustainable environment while navigating the subtle nuances of human behavior. This requires us to ask the question, “What is success in today’s environment?”
Today’s leaders deal with internal stakeholders, government agencies, customers, vendors, and service/production processes that can be located anywhere on the planet and reached in milliseconds. Satisfying all these constituents has been added to today’s broader definition of success.
Are you and your leaders prepared for the demands of these internal and external pressures? Leadership goals and targets often seem to be in a state of chaos. The pace of change today is greater than at any other period in human history, and working with these changes is the greatest challenge faced by leaders!
As an executive coach, Lloyd focuses on helping leaders understand and appreciate the importance of leadership decisions and consequences. These decisions affect all aspects of the organization. They reflect, for both internal and external stakeholders, the values and culture of the enterprise.
Lloyd works with leaders to help them identify thoughts, actions, values, and behaviors that are inclusive and supportive. Leaders then learn to integrate these into their organization culture. Today’s new definition of success encompasses leadership decisions that have a positive and compassionate impact on the fine balance that must be maintained among people, sustainability, technology, and profitability.

Benefits of an Executive Coach

As an executive coach, Lloyd helps leaders gain a clear understanding of their values, intentions, objectives, and work processes.
Leaders who are fully committed to the coaching process will learn to:
  • Develop clarity about complex organizational issues
  • Build senior management commitment for strategic change
  • Resolve organizational and performance related problems
  • Increase self-understanding while learning transferable skills
  • Establish systematic changes in their behavior and performance, thereby becoming more effective in their present role
  • Align their competencies and behaviors to current business realities
  • Effectively maintain a clear focus on their organization's triple bottom-line - financial, environmental, and social.
A leader who is fully engaged in the coaching process will learn to influence others effectively and responsibly, and will ensure achievement of individual and organizational goals. 

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By guiding you along a path of personal clarity, Lloyd can help you move from today’s achievements to tomorrow’s aspirations.

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