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Lloyd Field

Lloyd Field

CEO & Founder
As an international management consultant for the past 30 years, Dr. Lloyd Field has been challenged by some of the best leadership minds in the business community.

With a rational understanding and values-based principals, he tactfully stands his ground, routinely convincing these same leaders to develop Positive Employee Relations™ strategies that have placed their organizations outside the need for a trade union. His union avoidance track record is also very impressive - on behalf of clients - he has NEVER lost to a union organizing campaign when his recommendations were followed. In all this time only two clients have not followed his advice ... they were unionized within 3 months.

Lloyd’s method creates organizational cultures so that employees, at all levels, develop "self-respect through self-responsibility”. This sea change has consistently brought untold rewards to the leaders who support their employees in reaching their potential in both performance and innovation.  Whether you are a CEO, a senior HR leader or Director of Manufacturing, Lloyd – with a genuine interest in people and profits – will explain why you NEVER have to be unionized. Not surprisingly, the international business community continues to seek out his counsel when it comes to respectful leadership cultures and remaining union free. 

When asked if he is anti-union, Lloyd’s response is “absolutely not! However, no company needs the added burden of union bureaucracy. If employees are treated as legitimate stakeholders, their needs will be met through Positive Employee Relations™ and engagement with their work." 

Mark Palmer

Mark Palmer

Vice President
Mark brings a unique leadership background coupled with a deep knowledge of technology which results in highly innovative and productive outcomes for Workforce Performance.

Mark has always had a passion for engaging people, employees and management to achieve greater productivity and commitment to the job. A great listener and motivator, Mark has the ability to help people understand how they do things while presenting options for improving their own performance and contribution. A true believer that technology can enable better performance only when adopted, understood, and integrated into the day to day reality of a person's job - whether, employee, manager or executive.   
Mark began his career as a banker back in 1990. At the Royal Bank, Mark held numerous leadership roles such as branch manager, consumer credit risk auditor, sales manager and product manager. Mark has experience leading small and large teams, as well as, serving an audience over a large geographical area. Mark has received his share of accolades for his efforts over the years having been recognized throughout his banking career with numerous sales, team-building, and leadership awards - culminating with being recognized for superior team building and awarded the Royal Bank Cruise in 1997. 

In 1999, Mark ventured out on his own to provide consulting and training solutions to banks and credit unions for developing stronger teams and individual performance. His work took him all over the world with stops in the USA, Australia, Trinidad and Canada. Over time, Mark was able to model his efforts around the concept of building employee relationships 1to1 to enable companies of all sizes to engage and motivate employees.
Mark earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Windsor, and is a Certified Knowledge Manager via Washington, D.C’s KMPro organization. He has also achieved certification in strategic planning, customer relationship management, Internet competitive intelligence, and as an enterprise content management practitioner. He has also addressed numerous conferences and workshops, including The Richard Ivey School of Business.
Lauren Nesbitt

Lauren Nesbitt

"Lauren is a talented writer, editor, and publisher - with a laser focus Lauren is able to provide easy to read and targeted communications to help organizations build positive employee relations.”  

Lauren is a writer and editor with an extensive education in creative development. Hailing from western Canada, fortunate enough to have lived in many differing Canadian communities, she was bitten by the travel bug at an early age. Travel writing became a natural fit in addition to her penchant for the power of language use in all its applications. Script development led her into the broader world of editing and publishing. With that, and writing experience from poetry to branded content, her flexibility and work in education have blended into a consulting practise that can meet the specific needs of each individual project. Her specialities range from writing content to substantive editing of draft material. She is goal focused, and loves to keep up to date with the changing language landscape.  She also believes that living life without a big bushy dog is always a mistake.
Margaret Miller

Margaret Miller

Executive Consultant
"Margaret really listens with her eyes, ears, brain and heart……she reads and understands people quickly……is very centred and cares about what she does…and brings an unbelievably vast wealth of progressive experience.”  

Whether it's executive coaching or leadership development, Margaret works with senior leaders, individuals and teams to help them achieve their goals. In complete confidence and working around busy schedules, she provides the encouragement and inspiration needed to help leaders strive and excel in achieving their goals. Acting as a sounding board for all levels of management, Margaret provides objectivity, business acumen, encouragement and support coupled with patience, understanding and passion to bring out the best in the individual being coached. Margaret‘s knowledge and expertise enables her to work with businesses in every sector of industry and commerce, including service companies and community-based organizations. 

For over 18 years, organizations have benefited from the customized focus that she brings to every assignment. The positive impact and results generated from individuals and organizations that have used her services are both immediate and significant. Clients refer to her advice and recommendations as sound and solid. 

In addition to authoring numerous articles, Margaret has written two publications:
  • Success in Any Workplace! Indispensable Qualities That Work - 2009 
  • A Successful Hire! Your Quick Reference Guide to Hiring the Right Person for the Right Job.- 2001 [Click to Books]
Thomas Stefanik

Thomas Stefanik

Legal Counsel
Tom is an active practitioner, speaker and trainer that brings a extensive background in employment and labour law to firms of all sizes. 

Thomas is a partner at his law firm and head of the Employment & Labour Group. On the labour relations side, Tom’s practice involves counselling and representing employers in matters such as applications for certification by trade unions, unfair labour practice complaints, collective bargaining and arbitrations, human rights complaints, pay equity and privacy issues. In the employment area, Tom represents employers and employees in drafting employment contracts, litigating wrongful dismissal cases and dealing with post-employment issues such as restrictive covenants and fiduciary duties. Tom also represents employers with respect to occupational health and safety matters, including responding to orders and defending charges under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, as well as applications, appeals and other proceedings under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. 

Tom regularly assists employers by proactively leading seminars and workshops for management on topics such as responding to union organizing campaigns and dealing with accommodating disabled employees. He also conducts workplace investigations as necessary to ensure that an employer’s legal position is fully protected. 

Tom also speaks frequently to Human Resource professionals and managers on such topics as union organizing and various legislative amendments and developments.

Tom is a partner and head of the Employment and Labour Group at Torkin Manes, Toronto, Ontario 416-777-5430